( The Bus has a Restroom )

Verse —

The bus carries seniors, yes, 50 or more.

To see the Cubs play, to see the Cubs score!

We ride for 3 hours,

But then come the showers,

And thunder and lightning–it’s starting to pour!

Some start in to pray, and the ones who have doubt,

They cross all their fingers, and begin to shout

“The Cubs are now winning!”

“We haven’t been sinning!”

(But one woman singing:

“You win some, you lose some, and some

are rained out.”)

We walk into Wrigley–be careful don’t slip!

Our ponchos, our rain hats, our jerseys all drip…

But we drink some good beer,

And are of good cheer,

The Chicago hotdogs make this a good trip!

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